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Swiss Golf Short Game concentrates on Short Game tips and Drills that will help you improve your scores. Our aim is to help Golfers and improve the short game around the greens.
We also have a Swiss Golf Network of Golfers, going on Golf Trips – Golf Reisen.

Here are some of the services that we offer:

Andrew Gossage (Short Game Master)
Miessernweg 71
4632, Trimbach

With Swiss Golf Short Game I have been able to share my knowledge to my Network of Swiss Golfers and many more. I learned a lot from my close contact with PGA winners like Vijay Singh, Steve Elkington, Wayne Grady, Ian Baker Finch and the list goes on. Golf is an endless game of learning and I am continuosly educating myself with new techniques from the professionals.

Ryan Farrelly (Golf Fitness Coach)
Uraniastr. 14

  For years I have trained Olympic Atheletes, Ice Hockey and other sports people. In my Swiss Network of Golfers I have seen many a golfer with back, shoulder and knee problems. These disabilities are a result of Lack Of Mobility. I have designed special programs that have helped golfers play the sport they love – pain free and they have actually improved their game with the increased strength.

Leonard Bailey (Golf Massage)

   Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to work on many Golf Suisse Golfers. One of the major problems that Golfers have is the lack of flexibility. The older one gets, it becomes more of a problem to make a smooth Golf Swing. The muscles keep getting shorter and they have to be stretched. The Golf tips and exercises I will give you have helped many a Golfer play better Golf and be injury free.

Rita Sutter (Mental Training)

Rita Sutter has a Swiss Golf Network of Amatuer and Professional Golfers that she has assisted for many years. She has worked with the Professional Golfers who were struggling to reach their peak and has helped them succeed in their international careers. She Mental trains some of the Swiss Ice Hockey Teams, Skiers, and many of the Swiss Wrestlers (Schwingen).

Christoph Kaiser (Kinesiology)
Uraniastr. 14, Zurich
Hardstr 316, Zurich

Kinesiology can help the Swiss Golfer find the physical, mental and the emotional sides in the body that need to be released in order to swing freely and play better Golf. I have had the opportunity to help many a golfer find more concentration and power in the swing. It helps build a bridge between body-action and the subconscious.

Alywin Dias

Alywin Dias (Owner and Administrator)
Alberich-Zwyssigstr. 11,  5430, Wettingen,  076 766 2576

I have seen golfers with absolutely no short game skills, injured golfers and a lack of the Mental game. So I decided to find the right professionals to assist Golfers and the result is this website.
In 2018 I will be located in Marrakesh, Morocco and will be accompanying golfers on the course and also entertaining them at the Piano at night.

Golf is like solitaire. When you cheat, you only cheat yourself.
If you watch a game, it’s fun. If you play it, it’s recreation. If you work at it, it’s golf. – Bob Hope
There is no king of golf. Never has been, never will be. Golf is the most democratic game on Earth… It punishes and exalts us all with splendid equal opportunity. – Arnold Palmer

With a Good Short Game
You will learn how to:

⦁ Chip and pitch closer to the hole
⦁ Get out of the bunker every time
⦁ Play from uneven lies – grass or bunker
⦁ Control Trajectory and spin the short shots
⦁ Hit a flop and lob shot
⦁ Practice with your friends
⦁ Play 18 holes using the Short Game

With a good short game you will:

⦁    “Lower your Handicap”extremely fast.
⦁    Play a faster round of golf.
⦁    Lower scores and win competitions
⦁    Always win against your friends
⦁    Be the best player around the green


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