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Body Works

“Body-Works was started by me, a masseuse and personal fitness trainer. It has been an amazing, challenging and a rewarding experience. The number one priority is using my skills and knowledge of the human body to help Golf Suisse Golfers to be able to continue playing the sport they love and live a healthy life…”






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Body-Works head and neck Massage

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Leonard Bailey also attends to sports clientele and specializes in Golf Massage and Golf injuries. This is where Mr. Bailey recommends Body-Works stretching for the Golf Swing as the muscles to stretch and be flexible. Golf Massages for golfers especially those who have not done much sports but enjoy Golf is also available at Body-Works.
Mr. Bailey comes highly recommended by Pros and Amateur Golfers.






Being flexible is extremely important for a Golfer. Mr. Bailey has numerous methods to stretch out your body. After the session most clients leave feeling many years younger. 
The problem with Golfers is that they just want to play. They start a round and wonder why it is all going wrong. Stretching and warm-up exercises are not in most Golfers routine before and after a round. It just takes 5-10 minutes to stretch the muscles and they will work on the course.

By limbering up your muscles
before a round one can also



Body-Works Stretching Girl

Stretching Girl

Body-Works Man Stretching



Numerous Golfers from the Swiss Golf Network who have been to Mr. Bailey are now regular clients of his. They all say that this is a very special treatment that is not found in other Studios. His Massage technique is astounding.

Leonard Bailey is a certified Massage Therapist recognized by EMR for Essalen Massage and ASCA. Member of the EBMK professional union.

Avoiding injury is the key. One cannot golf with an injury. Therefore Mr. Bailey has the techniques to find areas in the muscles which are most prone to injury. Every human is different, but he locates these points and can give you the right solutions and exercises to fix the problems.


Body-Works Body Massage


Body Works
Body Works

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Body Works

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Body-Works - Massage and Body Stretching
Body-Works - Massage and Body Stretching
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Every Golfer needs to stretch and warm up. Getting a Golf Massage and body stretching gets even deeper and improves flexibility
Improve flexibility and your Golf swing

Get fit for Golf and GET MORE DISTANCE

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