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Golf Club Fitting

Getting your golf clubs fitted is extremely important if you want to play good golf. Every human being has a different shape, size, and physical strength. It would not make sense to purchase an “off the shelf”set of clubs because these clubs would not be matched to your personal shape and strength. Take action now and play better Golf. 

Ihre Golfschläger ausgestattet ist sehr wichtig, wenn Sie gute Golf spielen wollen. Jeder Mensch hat eine andere Form, Größe und körperliche Kraft. Es wäre nicht sinnvoll, ein “off the shelf”Satz von Clubs zu kaufen, weil diese Clubs nicht auf deine persönliche Form und Stärke abgestimmt würden. Handeln Sie jetzt und spielen Sie besser Golf.

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10 myths about GOLF CLUB FITTING


Myth 1. Custom Golf Club Fitting is only for experienced golfers.

Every human being is different and therefore we vary in physical strength, build, size and different shape. It would make absolutely no sense to purchase an “OFF THE SHELF” set of golf clubs from a golf store because these clubs will not be matched to our personal shape, build and strength.

Myth 2. Custom Golf Club Fitting is expensive

A custom fit set will cost you exactly the same as the model off the shelf. You will have to wait a few days for your custom set to be built and is the same as ordering a brand new car built to your expectations. Fitting Professionals will help you get the best model that will fit your personal game and you only pay for the time it takes to get fitted.


Myth 3. Expensive clubs perform better

Certain retailers will make you believe that the most expensive sets are the best for your game as they make more money on these sets. Fittings should be a neutral process: testing clubs based on their performance and ensuring that the choices match your given budget. Do you see any Tour players using the expensive golf Clubs? Professional players get fitted numerous times in a year as their swings go through changes and all of them use the Standard Brand names.


Myth 4. I want to hit it further; I need less loft on my Driver

Golf Driver Fitting will determine the angle at which you approach the ball and your club head speed. Players who contacts the ball in a downward direction will need more loft and a player who contacts the ball in an upward direction will need less loft. A few factors are to be considered one of them being the direction with which you contact the ball and that is determined by your swing style, physical build and ball position. Professional help with the use of modern computer technology from an experienced Fitter will ensure you optimize your distance.

 Myth 5. I need to be a good player to use steel shafts

Over the last 10 years golf steel shafts have been improved and are considerably lighter. Therefore players with slower swing speeds find them easy to handle. Some people actually benefit with more weight as they have more awareness of the position of the club which improves rhythm and timing.

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Myth 6. A putter doesn’t need to be fit

“Distance Control” and getting the ball to roll quickly will help you get the ball close to the hole therefore lowering your score. A putter that gets the ball to roll quickly generally gets good distance control which is crucial when it comes to putting. A wrong loft or length on your putter can be detrimental when striking the ball and will lead to more putts taken. Putter Fitting is extremely important to save strokes and eliminate those 3 putts.

Myth 7. A longer driver shaft will create more club head speed

It is true that a longer driver shaft would create more club head speed. But with the extended length it is more difficult to find the middle of the club face. With an off the center strike we would loose considerable distance and accuracy.

Club Fitting

Myth 8. I need a 3 wood for more distance of the fairway

Many amateurs have difficulty hitting a 3 wood off the grass. It would be easier for them to hit 5 or 7 woods as the ball lifts better off the ground. Golfers can compensate “Off center hits” with more loft in a club. It is for this reason that 3,4 &5 irons are also slowly dying out. Hybrids are becoming more popular and as they are easier to hit and have more compensation.

Myth 9. I already have a custom fit set.

Golf stores have a variety of clubs on their shelves. You might find a product that you like and the sales person will convince you that the clubs fit you. You are unaware that the shop sales person just sold you a standard club. (as that is what they had in stock and needed to sell). Club fitting is a process that involves computer analysis and observation of your swing.

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Myth 10. The guy in the shop can fit my clubs.

Club Fitting is a skill that has to be studied together with modern computer technology. An unskilled golf shop fitter will generally make a static fit when selling you a set of clubs and does this by matching the club to your body size. A Professional Club Fitter would also match the club to your size BUT with the help of computer analysis he would make sure that your clubs fit your swing shape and style. People can be the same size and physique but have completely different impact positions.



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Golf Club Fitting
Golf Club Fitting
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To play better Golf your equipment must be fitted to match your body and style of swing.

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