“Fitness is important for the passive game of golf. A golfer might not look to be fit, but golfers know that keeping fit avoids injury.”

Fitness with RYAN FARRELLY

“Fitness is my passion.” I enjoy playing on Swiss Golf Courses and frequently accompany our Pro Andrew Gossage on Golfsuisse Trips to travel Destinations. I also accompany the Swiss Golf Traveller on such Trips and conduct sessions before and after a round of Golf.

Ryan Farrelly is a physical coach and trainer.  After completing his University Degree at Brock University in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, He decided to persue a career in health and fitness for Sports people.
A lifelong athlete, Ryan grew up in Canada with a passion for playing ice hockey, golf and baseball.  This passion developed into a career and he is the proud owner of a fitness studio in Zurich, Switzerland. The studio offers a variety of programs to eliminate physical imbalances and enhance overall well-being.  Ryan has achieved the title of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, CPTN in 2006.
Throughout his journey his passion is to inspire others to perform at their best. Ryan has developed unique programs that help individuals maximize their potential and possibilities.

Programs include:
DNA Testing:  Health, Diet and Training Programs based on your unique DNA.
Neurofeedback Training:  Real-time training of brain activity (brain waves) to teach self-regulation of brain function.
Cleansing the Gut:  The clean gut program is about removing from the gut anything that poses an obstacle to the gut’s optimal function. This could be toxic organisms, such as viruses, bacteria, yeast, or parasites. It can also be toxic molecules, most of which come in our food and drink – Preservatives, additives, hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals, and chlorine.
Focus Band Brain Training:  For sports performance, business professionals engagement, mindfulness deeper practice and better sleep recovery.
SatoriPrime Human Advancement Technology:  Overcome fear based barriers buried deep in your subconscious through scientifically-proven brain hacks. 

Sample Fitness Videos. CLICK HERE

fitness for golf strawberry yoghurt

strwberry yoghurt

fitness for golf pineapple

Fitness Pineapple

fitness for golf blood oranges

blood oranges

My Story

As a child and teenager I was relatively successful in ice hockey and baseball. Later I was involved in teams that would represent Canada. This led to scholarships and an opportunity to attend university.

While I was competing I became increasingly fascinated by the physical and mental preparations for the games.  The weight resistance and workout programs gave us a distinct competitive edge. I shifted my focus and energy back to the sports performance area and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach in 2006. Fast forward to today and I am a proud owner of Shift & Thrive Fitness Studio in Zurich Switzerland. I work with clientele in diverse fields as elite athletes, corporate managers and pregnant mothers.

Looking Forward to seeing you at one of my sessions.

fitness for golf with Ryan Farrelly

Ryan Farrelly

fitness for golf Ryan Farrelly at Otelfingen

Ryan Farrelly

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Fitness for Golfers
Fitness for Golfers
Swiss Golf Short Game
Ryan Farrelly,
Studio 14 ,Zurich-
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A few minutes of Fitness everyday will keep you injury free and help you play better golf.

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