Exercises to help you play better Golf.

I have been playing Golf for many years and have played with numerous players, both young and old. During rounds I have heard many men and women complain about Lower Back and problems with the golf swing due to lack of flexibility.

Most players arrive at the Golf Course and immediately begin to hit balls or go straight to the Tee Box expecting to play as good as the Pros they see on TV. Unfortunately, that will not be possible.

All Pro’s do a regular warm-up with their fitness coaches. This is not seen on the screen as it is done behind closed doors or even before they reach the Golf Course.

To avoid injury I have compiled a few exercises that you can do 2-3 times a week or do a few of these before you go out to play. These exercises will help your flexibility and keep you injury free.

I am available at Studio 14 should you need extra help. The video illustrates a general warm-up. Each golfer requires a personal warm-up routine targeting specific areas in the body and I can help you with a specialized warm-up and fitness routine.