4 REASONS why a SWISS GOLF TRAVELLER needs a PGA Pro on a Golf Trip.

  1.  Play with an experienced player and get Golf Tips and Drills
  2.  Learn Course Management
  3.  Train your Golf Game while on Holiday
  4.  Return home and PLAY BETTER GOLF



Golf Trips

The Swiss Golf Traveller travels quite often to escape the winters and get ready for the new season.
What you will get:
A PGA certified Pro Andrew Gossage who will play with you and show you COURSE MANAGEMENT and how to get around the course with minimum strokes.
You will also get personalized training and help in all areas of your Golf Game.
Join us in one of our Golf Trips – Golf Reise.

Next Golf Trips

Marrakech November 2018

La Pinetina, Como, Italy. May 2019

Lumine, Spain 2019 April/May   2 Groups.

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