From 50-70 meters before the green COUNT the strokes you need till you hole the putt.
You will realize how important the Short Game is to improve your golf scores.

My Story

A good Short Game can help you save Strokes and you will start to enjoy yourself every time you Play Golf. I have learned a lot from some of the very best players in the world over the past 40 years. Sharing some of that knowledge with you and to teach you what I have learned from the top guns in the business will give me great pleasure.

I was born on a little Island at the end of the world, Tasmania. The small island state of Australia and began to Play Golf at a young age with my father Tim. At first I caddied a few times but became quickly bored with that and thought it would be more fun to start play golf myself.

My Amateur Years

For some years I enjoyed playing Amateur golf tournaments with some very fine Players who even represented Australia. When I was 21, I went to the “Big Smoke City” Sydney to live, which was where the best golfers in Australia lived & played. . Luckily through good play in my 2nd year I earned an invitation into the “big“ 4 round events where I had mixed results.

My Early Professional Years

In those days (the mid 80s) there was not as much prize money as today, Money was tight and I traveled with a few friends from tournament to tournament. We played to support each other and hoped that least one of us would play well enough to win some prize money and help pay expenses.
Greg Norman (the Shark) who became number 1 player in the world (2nd only in weeks to Tiger Woods) won the money list in the early 80`s with around $40,000. Now last place money in big events pay more than Normans yearly take back then with global TV – Internet coverage etc. improving global exposure. Thank you Arnold Palmer …RIP
In the Pro ranks (Pay for Play) I played with several Major Tournament Winners. They went on to win big 72 hole events & had successful careers including US PGA Major Winners. Vijay Singh, Steve Elkington, Wayne Grady, British Open Winner Ian Baker Finch, Australian Open Winners Peter Fowler, Wayne Riley & Peter Senior & the list goes on.



GOOD Chipping can save you a lot of strokes.
short game andrew
short game Andrew Gossage

What I learned from the Pros…

What did I learn from all of these great players? They ALL had GREAT Golf Short Game in their prime and knew how to “GOLF their Ball”. These Great Players taught me very much about the game & how important the Short Game in Golf influences ones ability to get more satisfaction.
I soon realized that my game wasn’t good enough to be able to compete with these great players. So I embarked on a career as a Club Pro in various Clubs in New Zealand, Sweden, France. Nowadays I help my students in Switzerland, Australia & New Zealand. The immediate success of students with the golf short game gives me tremendous satisfaction therefore a special thanks to the Major winners who showed me how to play the short game.
Thanks for reading, and hope to see you at one of our Courses. Andrew Gossage.

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