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Hard work beats talent



A special thanks to Andrew Gossage (my golf instructor) Leonard (my massage therapist) Ryan (my Fitness Trainer) Rita (my Mental Coach).

My Short Game.
I have been studying with Andrew Gossage for a few years. Over the years he has helped me improve my game. With his help I have finally dropped my Handicap to 10.2 in July 2017. And then with 41 points to 9.0. On August 04, 2017 I dropped to a 7.4 HC with 44 points and a 4 over par round, my best ever in a tournament.
The short game helped me tremendously and I got out of trouble a few times to have a round with only boggies, pars and 2 birdies. Thanks – Andrew.

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Golf Massage / Golf Fitness
As a 61 year old golfer, my muscles and joints are getting stiff. Flexibility is an issue. I have been regularly seeing Leonard (massage) and Ryan (Fitness) to improve my flexibility and it has certainly helped. I had a real stiff back the day before my August 4th tournament and Leonard really brought my body back and hence the good performance.
Ryan is a real professional Fitness Trainer who has trained Olympic Teams in the last years. Getting to know him and do his work-outs has been a bonus for me. Ryan has showed me special exercises that target my problem areas and by doing them I have really improved my golf game. Thanks Ryan

Mental Golf
Most golfers (like myself) have never given the mental side of golf much thought. But……. after my consultation with Rita Sutter my golf game just improved. I seem to have a better focus and I have more concentration to see the shots that I have to hit. Thanks – Rita.

Club Fitting
A special thanks to Russell who recently adjusted my clubs. Now I hit them much strighter and can score better. I never thought that Club Fitting would make such a difference in my game—-but it did.

My recommendation to all golfers.
If you are struggling with your golf game, do visit and make an appointment with the professionals. They will certainly help you improve your game. Alywin Dias





I highly recommend Andrew. As a 2 handicap golfer, I decided to take a couple of lessons with Andrew with the sole objective of learning to spin the ball more, either from grass or out of a bunker and stopping it close to the hole. He quickly explained to me that an adjusted set-up and grip technique was required to achieve this. Andrew’s instruction had an immediate and positive impact on improving my short game and it was the best golf decision I have made in the past few years. If you want to unlock the secrets of the short game then a lesson with Andrew is the way to go. AT.

As someone who plays a lot of golf (3 times per week) my body had become increasingly stiff and uncooperative, particularly my back and left side. Leonard was recommended to me and I found him to have an impressive knowledge of both how the body works and the different massage therapies and techniques available. After my very first session with him, I felt transformed – my muscles felt looser and more flexible than they had in years! Now I attend regular sessions with Leonard to ensure that I retain that flexibility so that I can swing the golf club with increased levels of freedom and control. Make time to go and see him, you won’t be disappointed!    AT.